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Friday Favorites

Here are my a few of my favorite things from this week.

  • Blog Post: “How to Be Awesome” by Jeremy Mavis. This is cool graffic about goals for a small group leader if they want to be “awesome” and have an awesome impact on a kid this year. Of course Jeremy didn’t know that I am already awesome so the post was kinda irrelevant.
  • Blog Post: Sex and Your Kids” . This is a great new ebook about how to talk to your kids about SEX. Right now it is free, but I would grab it quickly as there is no telling how long it will stay that way.
  • Blog Post: “Be Still and Know”. This is my dad’s blog. It is a great reminder that we should take time each and every day to simply stop and experience God.
  • Website: www.youthgroupgames.org This is a great site for games for your children’s or youth ministry. You can search my age, size of your group, indoor vs outdoor and more.

Ok, this week it is a short list. I will try to do better next week.

Matt N

Matt Norman

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