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Finding The Invisible People in Your Community

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post where I talked about the people around in our communities that we will overlook if are not intentional about looking for them. So, today let’s look at how we can find, recognize and reach the invisible people that are all around us.


  • We have to start with recognizing that there are people around us that we don’t see. This can be a difficult realization. But, trust me, there are people you don’t see.
  • The people that we DO see will tend to be those that are most like us, or that our heart more naturally reaches out to. For me that means that, as a white male, I am more drawn to white people. This doesn’t mean that I have any less love for others. It also does not make me a racist. It is a simple fact of human nature that we are drawn, naturally, to people that look more like us, in general. For me it also means I am drawn to kids more than adults because that’s where my heart is.
  • There will also be some natural tendency to be drawn to people of similar socio-econimic status.
  • Age is also a factor. Most of us will not naturally be drawn to people much older or much younger than us.
  • So, the first step is to recognize the groups that you are naturally drawn to. We’ll talk about what to do about that in a minute.


  • Ok, I know that some of you may not know what this word means. But, this is the word used to describe when a soldier or group of soldiers ventures out in front of the main army to see what lies ahead. That’s what we need to do. Take a drive through your community. Look at the houses. Look at the businesses. Drive down streets that you wouldn’t normally drive down.
  • On your drive home take a different route, down streets that are not part of your normal routine. You might be amazed what you have been missing.


  • Take a look around your church. Who are the people that are different from you. Who are the people that seem to connect to the people that you don’t naturally connect with?
  • Who lives in or around the people that you tend to overlook?
  • Once you’ve identified these people, recruit them to be part of your team. Explain to them why you want them on your team. Chances are they will appreciate your humility and what you are trying to do and will gladly join your team.


  • Take a close look at the programs and services that you currently offer. It is an unfortunate truth that our programs tend to be designed to reach people like us. This is not intentional, but it is true. So, now that you’ve identified the invisible people around you and recruited people that can reach them, redesign your programs to reach these people.


  • I really wanted to say pray on this one, but wanted to stick with the R theme. So, spend some time in prayer:
    • Ask God to help you see the invisible people around you.
    • Ask God to show you how to reach them.
    • Ask God to send you the people that can reach them.


  • I’m reading a great book called, “Attract Families To Your Church and Keep Them Coming” by Linda Ranson Jacobs. In this book she outlines a number of people that are invisible to most churches.
  • Linda also has a blog HERE.
  • These are two of the many resources out there that can help.


  • Now get out there and reach the invisible people in your community.
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