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Family Worship: Worship Is Spiritual

This Sunday we start July Jubilee. During the month of July we will have one Sunday school hour and one worship hour. For this month we will not have Children’s Church. We are doing this so families can worship together. I understand how difficult it can be to sit through a worship service with a small child, much less actually worship or try to pay attention to the message. This week I will share 5 posts aimed at helping you and your family, including the little ones, make the most out of worshiping together as a family.

Worship is Spiritual. In John 4:23 Jesus said, “But an hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.” This passages shows that worship is much more than a physical thing. TRUE worship is spiritual.

The physical matters. One could say that worship is spiritual and because of this the physical doesn’t matter. This simply isn’t true. Acts 16:25 says, “About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God…” This was after they had stripped and beaten; and while they were sitting in prison. Clearly this example shows that we can worship God regardless of the PHYSICAL circumstances, but this does not mean that they physical doesn’t matter. The temperature in the room, the noise level, movement around you, etc can be distractions that make it harder to worship.

The spiritual matters MORE. Certainly the physical matters. Comfortable seats, few distractions, and music you like can all make it easier to enter into a state of worship. However, we have to remember what worship REALLY is. Is worship music? Well, that’s an expression of worship. Is worship sharing the word of God? That, too, is an expression of worship. One of the definitions Merriam-Webster gives for worship is “reverence offered to a divine being.” Clearly this is what we are talking about in a “worship service”. Can this be done through music? Yes. Does it have to be? No. At funerals we show reverence with silence. In the military reverence is shown by saluting. After tragedy we show reverence by flying flags at half mast. Reverence can be shown in a wide variety of ways.

So, what? The bottom line is this. The physical circumstances matter. The right conditions can make it much easier to worship. But, God is still God, regardless of the conditions. Suppose for a minute your at the Iron Bowl. Do you still cheer for your team if they are losing? Are they still your team when they do something you don’t think they should do? If they changed their uniforms and you didn’t like the new ones, are they still your team? How about if it starts raining. What if it’s really hot? Do you still cheer for them under these conditions? If they are your team, then of course you do. Yet we will let a restless child totally derail our worship of GOD. If God is your God, then He is still your God regardless of the circumstances. I know that it is not easy, but remember that even when the conditions are not ideal, worship is SPIRITUAL and God is still God so worship can happen.

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