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Family Ministry: Are you a Rock Star or a Tour Guide?

Today’s post is a guest post by my ministry friend Jeremy Lee. Here is his answer to the question, “What is Family Ministry?”


“Family Ministry” dances dangerously on the fine line of terms that everyone uses and no one understands.

In the Christian Community it hangs out with terms like “missional”, “relevant”, and “emergent”.

That is why Matt Norman’s Family Ministry Blog Tour makes sense.  It’s a chance to wade through the miry meanings of the term to glean helpful, practical, and real methods to impact families.

Family Ministry happens when ministers choose to be tour guides.

As a minister you can either be a rock star or a tour guide.

It’s tempting to be the rock star.  It’s not very hard either.  You are talented enough to plan a dynamic ministry, you are smart enough to write powerful sermons, and you are just goofy enough to plan the craziest games.

It is in you to command the attention of every one of your pubescent parishioners, and be the spiritual leader that they look to for guidance.

Everyone will cheer you for being the rock star.

You might even get a raise to be a ministry rock star.

But you were called by God to be a tour guide.

You have the great honor of standing alongside a student and their parents through the childhood and adolescent journey.  A great tour guide knows how to show the way, set up an adventure, and sit back to watch the action unfold.

Four years ago, I came across a strategic approach for parents to pass down their faith to their teenagers.  It came from watching the way God taught families to pass down faith in the Old Testament. I realized He focused on using symbols and ceremonies.

I created a Rite of Passage Experience for each grade that parents can lead their teenager through.  I worked hard to make it powerful without being overwhelming.

Here they are:

6th Graders- Preparation for Adolescense
7th Graders- Blessing Ceremony
8th Graders- Purity Weekend
9th Graders- Driving Contract
10th Graders- Money Matters
11th Graders- Family Tree
12 Grade- Manhood or Womanhood Ceremony

Just a few weeks ago, I put it all online for other ministries to be able to use.  You can see it all at www.parentministry.net

When you decide to be a tour guide, parents will become the spiritual rock stars, not you.  The home will become the center of spiritual activity, not the church.  And you will lead not just the students God has entrusted to you, but their families as well.

If you want to transform a student then help their parents build a Christian home that strategically passes down their faith.

Jeremy Lee (@gojeremylee) encourages parents of teenagers every day at www.parentzilla.com. He also loves student ministers, so he created www.parentministry.net and is developing www.uthmin.net


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