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Family Friendly Entertainment Guaranteed

As a parent I am always looking for quality entertainment options for my family that is inline with my standards and convictions. In today’s world, this is not easy. That’s why I was so interested in G Movies when I was given the opportunity to review it for my blog. It is that, a family friendly entertainment option.

What is gMovies? Think Netflix with only family friendly, Christian content. In their official release they say the following:

  • Instant access to over 300 Christian movies and TV shows with new titles added monthly.
  • The whole family can enjoy a variety of entertainment including Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Documentaries, Thrillers and more.
  • Stream from iPad, Android or your PC
  • Only $4.99 per month
  • No contract, cancel anytime

So, what do I think?

It’s safe for my kids. I love the fact that I can install this on my kids’ iPads and not worry about what they are watching while using this app. My kids have Netflix on their iPads and I have set it so they can only watch “kid friendly”. The problem is who decides what is kid friendly? Do their standards match mine? One thing I can be certain of is that seldom will the values of most of the shows on Netflix line up with mine. With gMovies I can be certain that they will.

Many options. There is a wide mix of options available on gMovies. From children’s movies and TV shows to Christian documentaries; sci-fi to drama whatever your looking for they have it.

Some are better than others. Ok, I obviously have not watched all 300 plus titles that gMovies offers, but having reviewed at least part of a few this is what I have come up with. The quality of them is good, but not big screen good. Many of the movies look like made for TV movies. This is certainly not a criticism. They are still high quality, entertaining movies just not block busters.

Great Content. Last night I viewed a documentary called Dragons or Dinosaurs. The quality was exceptional and the content was insightful and inspirational. If this is representative of the other, non-fictional offerings on gMovies than it is worth the price.

Great Price. In case you missed it above, the price for this is only $4.99 per month. That’s like a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop in exchange for entertainment for you and your family for the month. If you or your kids watched just one item on the list during a given month, it would be worth the money.

So, where does that leave us? Try it. Spend the 5 bucks to get a month of the service and check it out. Even better…

Try it for FREE!!!

That’s right. Here is a code that you can use to get 2 free weeks of gMovies. Use the code. Check it out. See for yourself. Click the link below and enter the promo code provided and see what gMovies is all about.


Promo Code: FREETRIAL71

I hope you enjoy it, I sure am.

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