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Cutting Off Ears For Jesus

God has a plan for your life. For those of us in ministry He also has a plan for our ministry. If we’re not careful we may find ourselves getting in the way of This plan. We may find ourselves cutting of ears for Jesus.

Where does this idea of cutting off ears for Jesus come from. I mean this sounds like such a strange idea. You may be thinking, “I would never do such a thing.” You may even be thinking, “that’s just gross where is Matt going with this?” Well just indulge me a little.
You see, God has revealed to me that I have spent the last several years of my ministry doing exactly this, cutting off ears for Jesus. Recently God showed me that my ministry had become an idol to me. You can read that story HERE. As I sought to change this and to put God back in his rightful place as number one in my life, I was reminded of Peter. In John 18:1-11 we read about the events leading up to Jesus being arrested. I verse 10 we see where Peter responded by cutting off the ear of the priest’s servant. Peter loved Jesus, and in that moment he did what he thought was best. He did what he thought was right. However, Peter was actually getting in the way.
You see, God had a plan. Jesus being arrested and, eventually, killed we’re all part of that plan. Jesus knew this plan and faced it boldly. Peter did not know the plan and acted out of his ignorance. By doing so, he actually put himself in between Jesus and the carrying out of God’s plan. In the end Jesus made it right by healing the man that Peter had injured and God’s plan continued.
In ministry and in life we often find ourselves being Peter. We love Jesus and we want to be a part God’s plan, but we don’t know what we should do. In our ignorance or maybe even pride we take action, as Peter did. In doing so we sometimes actually put ourselves in the way of God’s plan. In spite of this we can be encouraged that God’s plan will be carried out.
In later posts we will take a look at how you can know if you have been cutting off ears for Jesus, how you can prevent doing it in the future and what you can do to fix the ear that has already been cut off.
Matt Norman

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