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CPC15 Day One

Tonight was the start of the 2015 Children’s Pastors Conference. It had the usual trappings of a conference of this kind: high quality worship, free bag full of goodies, lots of passionate kidmin people. But, there is one thing that makes CPC unique:

The Resource Center

Let me describe it to you like this. Imagine every company that makes or offers anything for children’s ministry all under one roof. That is what the Resource Center is. Ok, maybe there is a vendor or two that is not there, but there are still a great many that are there. Plus you get to talk with the people that actually create the stuff. You can hear they’re heart and share yours. You can tell them about your ministry and, together, determine how their product can best fit your ministry. Certainly there are resource centers at every conference. But, this is kinda like the difference between going to a convenience store and going to a Super Wal-mart. If there was nothing else of value here, the resource center would make the trip worth it.

Matt Guevara

Matt is the current head of INCM, the organization that puts on CPC. After a time of worship and some inspiration from Matt, along with Keith Ferrin, Matt lead the first general session. He spoke some on the history of INCM and CPC. He then moved into talking about the person of God, who God is. He shared this story that I thought was GREAT.

When the power goes out in your house what do you do? You probably get out your phone and use its light to find a candle and something to light it with. This all makes sense. BUT, it wouldn’t make sense to go outside in the morning and point your phone to the sky to see if the sun has risen. Trying to prove God is kinda like pointing your phone at the sun trying.

This is so true. God is God. The evidence of Him is everywhere we look. Even as the evidence that the sun has risen is visible in all but the deepest, darkest places, so is the evidence of God, only even greater. The evidence of God is greater because, even in the deepest, darkest evidence of God can be found. There are ways to block out the light of the sun. There are places that you can go that can completely block out the light of the sun. Don’t believe me that a cave tour sometime. In most such tours there is a point where they will turn out the lights in the cave. In that moment there is absolutely zero light. But, even in the darkest moments of our lives, if we are willing to look, we can see evidence of God.

Beth Guckenberg spoke next. But, I will save that for another post. Mostly because it’s late and I’m tired.

Matt Norman

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