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Book Review: Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley

As a parent and children’s minister I am constantly looking for new resources for my children, both in my home and in my church. Today I want to look at a great new Bible Story book for preschoolers.

Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley.

The first potential question that comes to mind in regards to this book is, “do we really need another Bible stories book?” This is somewhat of a valid question. After all there are already many great Bible story books on the market. However, I think with each generation there needs to be free influx of great resources. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the resources already out there, but it is always nice to have fresh, creative ways of teaching the next generation about Jesus.

What this book is NOT. As with all Bible story books, this is not a theology lesson for preschoolers. This book does not appear to be designed to teach Biblical values. But, at the end of the day, when dealing with Preschoolers are we really looking to teach them theology? I don’t think so. Certainly we want to begin to teach them the foundations of our faith. We need to begin to teach them Biblical values on a level that is appropriate and that they can understand. In general, we are not trying to teach them any deep theology. That doesn’t come till first grade. (LOL)

What this book IS. This book is a fun way to build familiarity with Biblical events in young children. The art work is done in a somewhat whimsical style that I can appreciate and I think kids will love. The stories are told in “rhythmical rhymes” as proclaimed on the cover of the book. These rhymes have an almost Seussical feel to them. But, despite the whimsical style of the art work and the writing I think they manage to do it without any disrespect to the original texts. While this book is not a collection of Sunday School lessons. I do think that with just a little work one could use these stories as a jumping off point to teaching older preschoolers the Biblical values and principles that are represented in these Bible Passages

What I like about this book. As I have said before I like the art work and the poetic telling of the stories. The almost Seuss like rhymes are fun and, I think, will be something kids will enjoy. Almost makes me wish I could play a lute. I could see me as a traveling bard going about the country side, stopping in small villages and towns and sharing these magical tales through song… Ok, maybe that is a stretch. But, the rhythm and rhyme of these stories do almost lend themselves to being sung as much as spoken.

I also like the fact that at the beginning of each story they list the Bible passage that the story is found in. This allows for anyone reading the book to easily find the original Scripture and use that to learn or teach from. This is very helpful as many may not readily know where to find these passages.

What I don’t like about this book. Really there is not much I don’t like about it. I tend to shy away from referring to the historical events of the Bible as “stories”. I think that the over use of this word in children’s ministry has led some kids to doubt that these events even happened. BUT, we’re talking about preschoolers here. I think that use of a book like this can be great for preschoolers so long as we do what we can to help them understand as they get a little older that these things ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

My recommendation. Buy the book. Use it with your own kids. Use it with the preschoolers at church. Use it in the community at a community story time. However you decide to use this book I do think that will make a valuable addition to anyones library.

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