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Book Review: The Preschooler’s Bible

Recently I was asked to write a review of this book. I was very excited to have the opportunity. Having a preschooler of my own I thought what better way to get a feel for the book than to share it with her. Well when the book came in I took a quick look at it. The illustrations were ok, but not really that great, or so I thought. Well, when my daughter got home from preschool I showed here our new Bible and SHE LOVED IT. Turns out while the illustrations did to thrill me, they did thrill her. I guess they weren’t intended for me anyway. I told her that this new Bible was for us and that I was going to read from it each night. She was very excited.

Well, a few nights later we started reading from it. We just started at the beginning with the story of creation. Now, each night as I tuck her in she looks at me and asks where our Bible is. I quickly retrieve it and dive into a Bible story. She really looks forward to it. The stories are short enough for bed time and with just a little thought provide opportunities for brief discussion and questions.

My daughter will soon be 4 years old. At this age it is very important to begin laying the foundations for a Biblical work view. Sharing Bible stories is a big part of doing this. Using these stories to start spiritual conversations is key. This book helps you do just that. If you have preschoolers or if you work with them, I highly recommend this book.


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