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Book Review: The Anxious Christian

The Anxious Christian coverAs many of you know I have been struggling with anxiety lately. I friend of mine recommended a book to me, The Anxious Christian by Rhett Smith. In this book Rhett shares how the death of his mother and other’s close to him led to a life filled with anxiety. He shares about this anxiety led to stuttering problem. From here it was a cycle of anxiety that caused him to stutter and stuttering that caused more anxiety. More importantly, he shares how God helped him to deal with his anxiety and brought him through the worst of it. Along the way Rhett shares how he thinks God wants to help you with your anxiety and what you can do to get through it.

If you have never struggled with anxiety or fear, then this post and this book may not be for you. However, if you are a ministry leader, then you WILL deal with people who do struggle with anxiety or fear. Whether you are a ministry leader or you struggle with anxiety, I would recommend that you get and read this book.

For anyone who struggles with anxiety, this is a great book. It’s refreshing to hear another Christian talk about his own struggle with anxiety. This is oftentimes a bad word, or at least a taboo subject within the church. For this reason to read a fellow Christian so openly share his struggle with anxiety is very encouraging. It’s also great to see that he has been able to move forward. In the midst of our anxiety and fear it can be difficult to believe that it is possible to move forward. He did, and so can you.

For men who struggle with anxiety, this is a great book. It’s hard for ANYONE to talk about their fears, but it’s even harder for men. I mean we’re men after all. FEARLESS…STRONG…we are CONQUERERS. Yeah RIGHT. We are human, just like anyone else. However, there is this feeling that other men will think less of us if we show fear. Will people still follow me if I am honest about my fears? How can we lead our families if we have fear or anxiety. If I talk to my wife about my fears will she think less of me? If I share my fears with my wife, will she have more fear and anxiety because of it? All of these questions have come to my mind at one time or another. None of them are helpful. Rhett points out some things that are helpful. If you are man who struggles with anxiety or fear, you are not alone and this book can help.

For ministry leaders, this is a great book. If you are a ministry leader and struggle with fear and anxiety, then this book can help you to work through your own fears. If you do not struggle, then I promise that you will minister to people who do. You may not even know it, but I would bet that there are people serving or being served within your ministry that are struggling with this issue right now. Read this book, then share it. I would encourage you to buy a copy for yourself and to keep a copy on your bookshelf to loan or give away. After you have read the book pray, and look for the people around you that might be struggling with fear and anxiety and might be covering it up. They need to know that it is ok and they can benefit from your help and from this book. They will be stronger because of it. You and your ministry will be stronger because of it.

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