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Book Review: Rescue Me.

Ok, it’s more like a COMIC book review. Rescue Me is a comic book with a twist. You see he author of this comic is a Christian with a desire to share the Gospel with kids. Here is what I thought.

The plot is a fairly standard comic book style good versus evil story. The super hero, Captain Sun, takes on the villain Black-Out. The story is well written and the illustrations are nice. As a fan of comic books I can truly say that I enjoyed reading this one. But, there is more than just a cool story with some good drawings. You see this comic book is separated into different sections. Each of these sections is divided by a “news paper”. This news paper carries a message gleaned from that section. The object of this comic seems to be both to entertain at to teach kids and I think it succeeds on both points.

The price listed on the back cover is $8.99. As a children’s pastor I see great potential for this type of thing as an outreach tool. However, I think that this price point would probably be a little high for that purpose. Still I think it is a tool that could be used in other ways in children’s ministry. If nothing else you can point parents to it as a way to encourage their kids.

You can learn more about the book and the author and order your copies at www.itscaptainsun.com. Thanks to Bryce Morgan for creating this resource and for providing me with a copy for review.

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