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Book Review: Action Bible Devotional

This week I have been looking at some exiting products from David C Cook. Yesterday I did a review of The Action Bible.  Today I’m looking at the companion product, The Action Bible Devotional.

As a children’s pastor and a parent I am constantly looking for ways to get the kids in my church and my own kids to spend time in The Bible. The Action Bible helps with this. However, alone it only serves to get the kids into the stories of the Bible. Even with this great resource I still find myself wanting for ways to get kids to go deeper into the word. To study it. To apply it’s wisdom and truth to their own lives. The Action Bible Devotional does just that. The Action Bible Devotional includes 52 devotions intended to be done once a week for an entire year.

Here is how they describe the elements included in each devotion:

  • “One cool illustrated story from The Action Bible.”
  • “Key verse: We used a bunch of different Bible translations, but you can look it up in your own Bible and read more in the translation you like to use.”
  • “X-Ray Vision: some short thoughts to connect the story with your life.”
  • “Your Mission: three ideas to put the themes into action! Pick one or try all three.”
  • “Your Debrief: three questions to spark some brain cells.”
  • “Mission Accomplished: your place to make some notes to remember.”
  • “Share the Adventure: occasional ideas to involve parents or friends.”
  • “Big Picture Page: occasional pages for you to get creative. Write. Draw. Tape a stick. Take the idea and run wild with it”

These elements work together to create a great devotional experience for kids. These devotions can be done alone by older kids. Younger kids could do them with the help of an adult. These could even be used for a weekly family devotion time. Overall this is a great companion to The Action Bible. If you are looking for a devotional that it will be easy to get your kids to do I believe this is it.


Don’t forget that I am giving away a copy of The Action Bible. Leave a comment below telling me about how you would use this product in your ministry or with your own kids. Leave a comment each day this week for up to 5 chances to win. Go HERE to learn how to get an additional chance to win.

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  • Werner

    I would love to use this product. First, with my own family. Then also in our Children’s Ministry, and Youth Ministry.
    Parents are more likely to try something in their own family, if somebody they know has done it, and told them it works.

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