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Book Review: A Lifelong Love

If we surveyed every married person, I think we would be hard pressed to find any that didn’t want to have a better marriage.  Just a quick search of Amazon for the word “marriage” shows 158,918 books on the subject. With that many books already out there the question becomes, do we really need another marriage book? Admittedly I have not read all 158,918 of the marriage books on Amazon, but I’m thinking that this one may be different. Let’s take a closer look.

A Lifelong Love.

Love Triangle: This is not what you think, but the author opens the book by talking about how important it is for your marriage to be, not a relationship between 2, but 3. You see God should be an integral part of our marriage. The author talks about a “Magnificent Obsession.” What he says is that our first priority must be a growing relationship with God. Through this we will become a better husband or wife.

Not only Father, but Father-In-Law: We often think of God as our Heavenly Father. But, the other encourages us to think of God as our father-in-law also. After all, if you married a believer, then THEY are God child too. So, God is father-in-law. He then makes a statement that really rocked my world:

“If a young men cam to me, praising me, complimenting me on my character, even singing songs about me and giving me 10 percent of his income, and all the while I knew he was making one of my daughters miserable through abuse or neglect, I’d frankly have nothing to say to him except, “Hey, buddy, start treating my daughter better, and then we can talk. You say you respect me? Then take care of my little girl.”

This one can go both ways, but since I am a man, I look at it in the same perspective as the author. You see, my wife is God’s daughter. How meaningless is everything that I do at church if I am not treating God’s little girl as the prize she is? How meaningless are all my spiritual disciplines if I am not treating my daughter like the daughter of THE KING? How meaningless are my prayers, or my singing, or my service, or any of it if I am not taking care of my wife.

Will this book FIX my marriage? Here’s the deal, if you are looking for a book to fix your marriage, this is not it. In fact there is no such book. However, this book does contain principles that, if put into place, can help your marriage become all that God intended it to be.

Should I buy this book? If your desire is to have a better husband or wife, then no, don’t buy this book. If you desire is to BE a better spouse, to have a better marriage, to have a marriage that honors God, then I would recommend this book.

Matt Norman

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