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“Become as I am”

“I wish before God,’ replied Paul, ‘that whether easily or with difficulty, not only you but all who listen to me today might become as I am – except for these chains.” Acts 26:29 HCSB

This morning as I was reading my Bible I read this verse. It had me wondering how many of us truly embrace Paul’s feelings in this verse.

When it’s easy. Many Christians are willing, even eager, to share the gospel when it is easy. Maybe we invite people to church. Maybe we will teach in Sunday school. Maybe we have a friend or family member that is asking questions and we are more than willing to talk with them. This is all great. We should share the gospel when it’s easy. We should do all of these things. But, what about when it’s difficult.

When it’s difficult. What if we have a friend that is far from God and living a life that shows it? Do we share with them? What if God calls us to go to an area where the Gospel is not so willingly received? What if God calls us to leave the only place we have ever called home and move hundreds of miles away? What if God sends us to a place where we don’t know anyone? What if the people we try to share with hate us, maybe even try to hurt us? What if God calls us to do something that is outside our comfort zone? What if God calls us to reach people we are not comfortable with?

Under these circumstances will we still share the gospel? Will we still show the boldness of Paul when he said, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel…”? Romans1:16. If we are honest most of us will have to say that we do not share the gospel with much enthusiasm when it is difficult. In fact many of us may not even share it at all.

It’s not too late. We could waste a bunch of time beating ourselves up over missed opportunities. In fact that is what the devil would love for us to do. So long as we are lamenting over our past we are not preparing for our future or sharing the gospel in the present. But, it is not too late. Spend some time in prayer, asking God to show you opportunities to share the gospel. If you don’t feel prepared, then talk with your pastor about learning how to share your faith with others. Practice sharing your faith with friends. Constantly be looking for opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be careful what you pray for. When you pray for God to give you opportunities to share the gospel, He will. The question is, will you be ready? If you pray for God to use you to spread the gospel, He will. The question is are you willing to go where He says to go and do what He says to do?

“But how can they call on Him they have not believed in? And how can they believe without hearing about Him? And how can they hear without a preacher?”

Romans 10:14 HCSB

Matt Norman

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