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Be Prepared For The Work God Has For You

Earlier this week I talked about the fact that God has placed you in the place where you are and has a plan for using you there. You can read that post HERE I also talked about some ways to find out what God wanted you to do there. Today I wanted to caution you:


If you are going to ask God what He wants you to do, be prepared to DO IT!


Please understand I am not saying that ALL of the work of preparing for ministry is on you. When God called Moses to free the Israelites Moses argued that he couldn’t do it because he was not a good speaker. God responded that He would be with Moses and would teach Moses what to say. (Exodus 4:12) But, there is some work that we should do to be ready for what God is calling us to.


Prayer. If you have read very many of my posts you know that this is a central theme. There’s a good reason for that. Imagine you worked for a large corporation. You received an assignment from the president and founder of the company. You were not given many details, but had complete access to talk to the president any time you want. Would you go out and try to complete the task without even talking to the boss? NO! At least not if you wanted to do the job well and please the boss. That’s how it is with God. God is the founder. He is the boss. He has given you an assignment. Spend some time talking to Him about that assignment.


Bible reading. Every company I ever worked for gave me an Employee Handbook. Going back to our story above. If you wanted to please the boss and complete the assignment he gave you it would also be a good idea to be familiar with the Employee Handbook. This is true not only for the current assignment, but for future assignments. In fact it would be in your best interest to maintain a familiarity with this book. After all, there is no way you will be able to remember every item that is covered in the manual. The Bible is kinda like that employee handbook. It is the handbook for the ministry that God has planned for you. Even if you don’t know what He is calling you to, become familiar with the handbook.


Bible study. In the employee handbook there are usually areas that require greater familiarity or are a little more complex. For these areas you should spend a little more time in order to know them well enough to do what you need to do. The same is true for the Bible. You need to study it in order to have the understanding you need to do some of what is going to be needed to get the job done.


  1. Ok, this one may seem out of place on this list, but trust me on this. My last job was at a hospital where I worked for 18 years. In that time I came to know people in every department. In just about any instance I knew who to call when I needed answers or to get things done. Your ministry is not much different. Put yourself in situations that present an opportunity to meet and get to now people in your community. It is through these people that you will come to know what the needs are around you. These people will also become a network that will help you to get things done when the time comes.


You need to and probably want to serve God in your community. If you earnestly seek Him and pray for opportunities to serve your community He will give them to you. Your job is to do all you can to be ready when that time comes.

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