My name is Matt Norman and I am a Pastor. I am married to my high school sweet heart Kim and have two kids; Trey and Jayden.

After many years in children’s ministry, I began to feel God moving me in the direction of pastoring a church. I wasn’t thinking, at the time, of starting a church, but that later became clear that this is what God had planned.

In August of 2017, we launched Journey Church of Haines City, the church I pastor.

This blog has, for many years, been mostly about children’s ministry and leadership. As God has moved me in a new direction, I think it only right that the blog move in a new direction as well. The title of this blog is “I am Pastor Matt”. I think this title well describes the purpose of this blog. It was intended, from the beginning, as an expression of me. It was intended as a way for me to express myself. Moving forward that is what this blog will be again.

So, check back frequently for posts about leadership, church planting, fatherhood, marriage, and life in general. Basically, posts about my life!


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