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A Story From My Favorite Site For Kidmin Volunteers

I originally wrote this post for Kidmin1124.com. This site was dedicated to equipping those that freely give of their time to minister to kids. While the site is still up and still filled with tons of great content, myself and the other members of that team have all been drawn in other directions. I thought that you all might benefit from this story. My passion for equipping other kidmin leaders has not changed. In fact, that’s part of why I write this blog. If there is something specific that I can help you with let me now. In the mean time, enjoy this post. I would also encourage you to check out kidmin1124.com. I assure you that you will find valuable content there.

Recently we hosted a meeting for local children’s ministry workers. The meeting was scheduled to start at 9:00. At 9:05 my wife and I were the only ones there. I looked at her and asked, “When do we give up?” She said 9:15. Anxiously I paced around the church glancing out the doors at the parking area, looking for someone to drive up. At 9:15 my wife called out that it was time to give up and clean up. As she said this I took one more look and saw a car pulling up. In this car was a young lady that I am going to call Misha. Misha is a 22 year old woman that is leading the children’s ministry at a church in my home town. As we talked I found that Misha also leads worship at her church while, single handedly leading the children’s church. So, she leads worship, then runs over to the children’s church, teaches the lesson, being sure to end in enough time to get back to the worship center for the invitation.

As I met with Misha I learned that she kinda fell into the position of Children’s Ministry Director. She started off as a helper and progressed to leading children’s church on alternating weekends. Then, when the previous director experienced health problems, she stepped up to lead the whole thing. Shortly after that she was shocked to see her name listed in the bulletin as the Children’s Ministry director.

Misha came to know Christ through the children’s ministry that she now leads. This happened even though her parents were not attending this, or any other church. In fact it was years later that her parents came to know Christ. Misha has a strong passion for reaching children for Christ, but feels ill equipped for the job. She longs to be a better leader and see the children’s ministry that she leads grow. More importantly she longs to see children come to know Christ and to see lives changed

I think that Misha represents children’s ministry leaders and workers in churches all over America. Many of us “fell” into children’s ministry. Many of us started feeling ill equipped for the massive job we were asked to do. Many of us still feel this way.

Misha, and others like her are the reason Kidmin1124 exists.

Misha may never attend Bible College. She may never get to go to a large national conference like CPC, Kidmin, or Orange. She may serve her entire life and never be paid for what she does. This is the very essence of Kidmin1124. Proverbs 11:24 says, “One person gives freely, yet gains even more…” This is Kidmin1124.

This site exists to give people like Misha the tools they need to do what God has called them to do. However, God has revealed a vision that goes far beyond a simple blog. Stay tuned as I share some of the things that I believe God has planned for Kidmin1124 in the future. Then hold on as we work to follow God wherever he wants to take this.

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