A Miracle At Rethink Leadership

As Christians, we sometimes over-spiritualize everything. However, God is at work in our day to day lives. So, there some things that happen that truly are divinely appointed. I experienced on such event at the ReThink Leadership Conference.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the very first ReThink Leadership Conference. At that point, I was in the process of working towards planting a church. I had blogged for the Orange Conference for a few years and thought my change of role would be a great opportunity to help debut this new event. It turned out to be so much more than that.

If you read my post earlier this week, then you know that a the ReThink Leadership Conference you sit at tables, instead of in rows of chairs. The particular year I ended up seated with a man named Ricky. During lunch, Ricky and I took some time to get to know one another. He was a campus pastor at a multi-site church in North Carolina. While we chatted, the conversation turned to an appreciation for the sounds equipment in the church that was hosting the event.

As we discussed the equipment and drooled over it, Ricky asked what sort of set up my church had. Having not even launched, I explained that we had NOTHING. I further explained that I was in the planning stages of planting a church and had not yet begun to gather equipment.

That’s when a miracle happened!

This is when Ricky looked at me and said that his church was merging with another local church. He said that when that merger was complete they would have some equipment they wouldn’t need. He said, if we could arrange to pick it up, then we could have it. I had no idea when I decided to attend this conference that I would end up sitting across the table from a miracle. With a few hundred people in attendance, God placed me with the one person who HE wanted to use to provide for our church.

It didn’t end there

God was not done working through this event. After I came home I was telling my dad about Ricky and his offer. I told him the town that Ricky’s church was in. That’s when my dad spoke up and said that his long-time friend Steve lived in the same town. In fact, we later discovered that he lived only 7 miles from Ricky’s church. I reached out to Steve and asked if we would be able to stay at his home. He was not only willing but very pleased to do it. His family not only provided us with a place to stay but also fed us while we were there.

God still wasn’t done

At that point, I did not own a truck. So, the plan was to rent one. However, as I spoke with different people about this trip my uncle contacted me and said that we could borrow his truck. My thought was that we would drive his truck up, rent a trailer, and use the trailer to bring everything home. Well, his truck turned out to have a long bed and a camper cover. This ended up being enough room to carry all of the equipment that we received without the expense of renting a trailer.

But wait, there’s more

As I shared this story with more people, some started donating money. In the end enough money was given to cover our fuel, meals, and even lodging for one night in a hotel for my entire family. The equipment, the truck, the entire tripped cost our church and my family NOTHING!

The miracle that keeps on giving

We ended up getting a soundboard, amplifier, about 30 chairs, a commercial coffee maker, and a few other odds and ends. That soundboard, amp, coffee maker, and even the chairs are still in use in our church to this very day. The connection God made through that conference that day, continues to bless our church and the communities we serve.

What does God have planned for you?

Clearly, God had a purpose for me being at the ReThink Leadership Conference. He also has a plan for you. This year I am heading to the ReThink Leadership Conference again. Again, I go hoping to hear from God. This might be an opportunity for you to pursue the answer you’ve been seeking from God.

Matt Norman

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I am a Christian, husband, father, pastor, church planter, nurse, and freelance writer.

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