5 Catalysts of Spiritual Growth – Orange Conference 2012

Fro those of us that lead in ministry, and those that work in ministry alike, the thing we long for is Spiritual growth. We long to experience it in our own lives, in our families and in the children, youth and adults we serve. At this years Orange Conference Taka Iguchi shared his thoughts of five things spur spiritual growth.  So, what are these?

  • Life changing truth? This looks different for each of us.
    • For me, it was when in 2007 I traveled to Atlanta with some of the young adults in our church to attend the Passion Conference. While at this conference Beth Moore spoke on PRIDE. With over 20,000 people there I felt that she was speaking directly to me. I didn’t know it at the time, but this talk started a spiritual journey that paved the way for my entry into ministry.
    • For Taka it was the first time he REALLY understood grace.
  • Spiritual Disciplines. This one may seem like a no brainer, but it is something that we sometimes miss. We long for spiritual growth, but wont do this most simple thing.
    • Prayer:
      • Not just being asked to pray at meals because you go to church or are a pastor (how true is that), but that you actually talk to the creator.
      • Beyond asking for what you want or need, but talking WITH Him.
    • Worship:
      • Not just singing songs on Sunday, but that moment when you look at a sunset or heard a certain song or had some expereince that left you awed at God and left you with no choice but to worship.
    • Bible reading:
      • That moment when reading moved from something you do because you know you should, to something you enjoy.
  • Ministry responsibility:
    • That moment when a leader in the church asks you to do/lead something.
    • For me this was another BIG catalyst in my life.
  • Pivotal Circumstances:
    • Life is painful
    • Marriage
    • Child Birth
  • Significant Relationships
    • For me this was a friend of my dad that I looked up to. He was preaching in my dad’s church on the day that I got saved.

If these are the things that help to spur someone on to spiritual growth, then it brings up a few questions:

  • How do we create environments that allow/help/cause these things to happen?
  • How do we identify these catalysts in the lives of the people we serve?
  • How do you help these people grow through these circumstances?

I’d love for you to share your answers to these questions.


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