Does Kidmin Matter?

My stance has always been to argue in defense of children’s ministry. But, tonight I am not so sure…

Many argue that children’s ministry is un-Biblical. There is no specific mention of ministry to children in the Bible, that I have been able to find. So, maybe they are right. I have often argued that there are many things that we do in the church that are not specifically mentioned in the church. I even wrote a post looking at the difference between un-Biblical and Non-Biblical. You can read that post HEREBut tonight I am not so sure…

Many will point to Jesus’ reaction when the disciples tried to run off some children. Clearly this passage shows that Jesus loved children. BUT, Jesus also loved prostitutes, adulterers, thieves, lepers, and basically everyone else. I’ve always believed that this display of love for children stood in defense of children’s ministry. But, tonight I am not so sure…

Many point to Deuteronomy 6 to say that the parents should be the primary spiritual leaders for kids. Some go so far as to say that the church has no place in the spiritual development of children. I have always felt that the ideal situation was a partnership between Christian parents and the church. But, tonight I am not so sure.

I have always firmly felt that a strong children’s ministry had the potential to help kids avoid some of the mistakes I made as a teen and young adult. But, tonight I am not so sure.

I have heard stories of the impact that children’s ministry can have, but I have not lived any. I have heard stories of the fruit that others have seen in the children they minister to, but I have not seen it. I have felt for a number of years that I was called to ministry and had become convinced that I was called to children’s ministry. But, tonight I am not so sure…

I am still certain of God. I am certain that God wants kids to experience his love, receive salvation and grow in their relationship with Him. I have always felt that I was to be part of that. But, tonight I am not so sure…

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Music Monday: Enough by Chris Tomlin

Life in America is often defined by a constant pursuit of MORE STUFF. Few of us are immune to this. In fact I sought it for all I was worth for much of my life. Many people talk about keeping up with the Joneses. Shoot, we WERE THE JONESES. This changed when I was called to ministry. Through my call God helped me realize that there were things more important than the latest gadget or the newest car. In the years since I have slowly steered my life and my family away from this constant need for more.

Yet I still struggle with not having enough.

I am no longer obsessed with having ENOUGH stuff. Now I focus on other things. Do I have enough financial security? Do I have enough friends? Do I have enough respect from the people I care about? The list goes on. As I write this I listen to the song Enough by Christ Tomlin. In this song Chris writes that simply having God should be more than enough for us. More than all we want, or know, or can say God is more than enough.

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mark 8:36 (NIV)

To “forfeit you soul” means to live eternity separated from God. This verse asks us what good does it do if we gain EVERYTHING THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER, but lose our soul in the process. God has created many great things on this earth. He put many of them here for our enjoyment. BUT, we must learn to be happy with simply having God. Simply having a relationship with God should be “more that enough”.

So I ask, If everything that you had on this earth were taken away would God be ,”more than enough” for you? If everything you owned was gone, if everyone that you loved was gone, if you lost your health and lived in constant pain; would God be “MORE THAN ENOUGH?” I encourage you to read the book of Job to learn from it looks like to have everything taken away and for God to still be more than enough.

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Movie Review: Man of Steel

Well, tonight my got me a sweet surprise. She scored some per-release tickets to Man do Steel. This is the latest in a long line of movies featuring everyone’s favorite alien. On his planet he is known as Kal El, but you probably know him as Superman. That’s right, I saw the movie hours before it was officially released. In case your wondering, no this wasn’t some pirated version, it was the real deal. It was a special showing offered by Walmart with tickets sold only in their stores and my wife scored 4 of them for my family.

  • So, what did I think of the movie? 
    • I absolutely loved it! The movie was very entertaining from beginning to end. Without giving anything away there are some twists to the story as we all know it, but they did not detract from the movie, or the overall story.
  • Can I take my kids?
    • Sexual content: I was happy to see a complete lack of sex or even sexual innuendo. There was one scene towards the end of the movie where the hero kisses Lois Lane, but even that was done tastefully.
    • Language: there was one scene were a kid on a school bus cussed twice. Then one more scene towards the end has someone asking Superman if he is “f’n stupid.” No they did not drop the “f” bomb. This is exactly what they said.
    • Violence: naturally there were several fight scenes, but each with a complete absence of blood and gore.
    • Age appropriateness: there were some scenes that might be a little too intense for young children. Preteens will LOVE this movie. Mine sure did.
  • Overall impression: very entertaining. Good for kids from around the preteen age up. Will be enjoyed by all ages. If you lead a children’s ministry I don’t think I’d go so far as to plan a movie night with the kids due mainly to the cuss words in the one scene I mentioned above. But if, as a parent, you want to take your own kids I say go for it.

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Talking to Unchurched Parents About Baptizing Their Child

I think it is very important to talk with parents when a child makes a profession of faith. I have made it a personal requirement to talk to parents before baptizing a child. BUT, how do you handle this when the parents are unchurched or even unbelieving?

Leave your thoughts below.

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Do you Know What Your Kids Are Watching?

When my son was 2 or 3 years old we put a TV in his room. I was tired of watching kid shows. From that time on I have controlled very closely what he is allowed to watch. You see he is not allowed to watch any new shows that I have approved. Some people may think this is kinda strict, and it is.

Here is what I believe we do good things because of the good that we have stored in our hearts and we do evil things because of the evil stored in our hearts. Why do I believe this? Because the Bible says so. Luke 6:45 “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.”  This is true for us and it is true for our kids.


All to often we ignore this in our own lives. We honestly believe that we can fill our eyes, our minds and our hearts with evil things and then be able to do good. I am not saying that it is impossible, but as I read Luke 6:45 I understand that if I want good things to come naturally for me, then I must fill my heart with good things. The more I fill my heart with good things, the easier good things will become for me. Likewise, the more I fill my heart with evil things, the easier evil things will become for me.

All to often we expect our kids to do good things, but we allow them to store evil things in their hearts. I know that our kids want to watch the same shows that their friends are watching. They see commercials for shows that look cool or funny and they want to watch them. BUT, I want my kids to do good things out of the good stored in their heart.

So, how can I help my kids with this?

As a parent I can help them by controlling what they watch. You would not let your child drive your car. You would not let your toddler play around or in a pool unsupervised. Likewise we should not let them have free choice when it comes to what they watch. We have a responsibility to keep our kids physically safe. We also have a responsibility to help keep their minds and hearts safe.

Sometimes they need to touch the stove to know its hot.

Certainly there are times when I will stretch my standards a little. There are times when we will watch something as a family that I would never allow my children to watch by themselves. Why is this? Well, we are instructed to be IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF IT. We are instructed to be AS WISE AS SERPENTS AND AS GENTLE AS DOVES. Part of being in the world is understanding it. Part of being wise as serpents is understanding the world around us. I use these as teachable moments. When watching such a show or movie I look for chances to teach my kids Biblical values and explain why what we have just watched may be good or bad.


At the end of the day the key is awareness. We have to KNOW WHAT OUR KIDS ARE WATCHING. This may mean that you sit down with them and watch some of their shows. It may mean that you get on the internet and do some research. What we can’t do is ignore this area of our children’s lives.

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