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    Ministering to the Modern Family

    I remember when I saw the first previews for the sitcom Modern Family, I was appolled. I mean how can they call the people represented in this show family? The implication of this title was that this is what family looks like in the year 2012. In my mind the writers were trying to redefine what a family SHOULD be and that was intolerable. Well, recently I was listening to the Kidmin1124 radio show on CMConnect. This particular episode featured Amy Dolan and was about how the church could do a better job of ministering to the modern family. Through the course of this radio show I came to realize that…

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    Response Time, What’s the Big Deal?

    As I mentioned in a previous post, this past Sunday we did a response time in our kid’s church for the first time. It was GREAT! Read that post here to learn more about it. Well, after writing that post I found myself thinking, why is a response time such a big deal? I figured if I was thinking it, others might be as well. So, I thought I would tell you. Here’s how I see it. A worship service is designed to give God a chance to speak to people. From the design of the room to the music to the prayer time every piece is set up to…

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    My Church on Mission

    I am so excited. Right now in Nicaragua there is a group of people from my church going on the first official missions trip for our church in its 12 years of existence. Below is a link to the blog that they will be using to tell the story of their trip. Last night 33 kids started a relationship with Christ. Check it out. http://jesusfeetinternationalministry.wordpress.com/   For many of the people on this trip it is the very first mission trip. So, please visit the blog and be sure to leave some comments and words of encouragement.   Matt Norman Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. To…

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    Great Story of Redemption and Hope

    Watch this video of redemption and hope. This man’s life tells it far greater than my words ever could. INCREDIBLE STORY! Former White Supremacist Skin Head Gives Life to Jesus from anberlin_fan on GodTube. Matt Norman Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. To ensure that you never miss a post subscribe using the space on the right side of the screen.

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    Response Time in Kid’s Church

    For some time now I have been burdened with adding a response time in our kids service. Well, we finally did it this past Sunday and it was GREAT!!! In January we started using 252basics. This curriculum is a Large Group/Small Group set-up. As written it only calls for about 25 minutes for the large group time. Not really knowing how these materials would best fit our environment I stuck pretty close to the script to start with. As you can imagine 25 minutes does not leave much time for 2-3 songs, lesson, game, object lesson and then a response time on top of that. Well, I finally just decided that it was…